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We all know soccer (or football) has grown tremendously in this country.  Soccer scholars and keyboard warriors have written endlessly about our soccer landscape.  The Good, Bad, and Ugly. The criticism of our men and women’s national teams show how far we have come.

Soccer Nation USA is where we bring together all our resources to lobby for a unified soccer pyramid.  Behind the scenes, a lot is going on to unite our country, and despite the fractures, the USA is closer to a soccer nation than ever before. It will take our fanbase to put us over the top!  We also want to hear about your soccer journey.

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A major part of the problem is the fractured nature of the “soccer pyramid”, for both women’s and men’s teams, and the ever-changing and endless list of acronyms (USL, MLS, NISA, ECRL, GA, DA, NWSL, WUSA, ENCL, NASL, MLS Next,  NPL,  USL, ODP, EPSL,  AYSO, SoCal,  and on and on…)  causes complete confusion to even the the most knowledgeable soccer fan.

The reality is we currently have NO true pyramid.  We only have a large number of disconnected leagues painfully competing against each other for a huge soccer base. The good news is we have a foundation of passionate soccer fans ready to become one nation. We just need a connected system to allow it to flourish.  

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We plan to end this confusion of our soccer system and unite a divided country build a true soccer pyramid. This website is brand new, a work in progress, not anti-MLS as there are many MLS fan, but this is an attempt to bring all the knowledge, the debates, the acronyms, and resources under one umbrella…as we plan to help build One Soccer Nation USA.

The Soccer Landscape Explained

Soccer scholars and shotgun twitter warriors have written endlessly about our soccer landscape.  This site is an attempt to bring all the knowledge and resources under one umbrella…one Soccer Nation USA. 

The long term goal is to help influence the  reform of soccer in this country that encourages opportunity and investment under on soccer pyramid.

Soon, we will be adding a central resource on this site for all the leagues and clubs in our country to have a go-to area for their needs. This will be a  tool for all leagues, owners & investors, sports enthusiasts, and passionate soccer fans to work together to build a true soccer nation.  

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Does a US Soccer Pyramid Exist?

A true US pyramid does not currently exist. To start out understanding the pyramid, here is a brief explanation of what a soccer pyramid is and how it portrayed in the US.

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English Football League Pyramid System

Understanding the pyramid

How a US Pyramid could work and other articles

A former US player, known in the past for with his long red beard and, now, for a lot of hot air, has said many times to those who want to create a strong soccer nation to “build a better mouse trap.”

He know full well that until US Soccer changes the constraints for soccer leagues, it is near impossible to develop a full functioning soccer pyramid.  And he know full well that there are many proposals put forth to build a soccer nation. Here are some of ideas and articles that have put discussed. We have no leaning toward any of these specifically, but it is why we are urging US Soccer to change their rules, open up the system and let the free market and the American people decide what they want.

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