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National Independent Soccer Association (NISA)

NISA (National Independent Soccer Association)

The NISA (National Independent Soccer Association) is a professional men’s soccer league based in the United States that was founded in 2017. It is a relatively new league that operates outside of the traditional U.S. professional soccer structure, which includes Major League Soccer and the United Soccer League.

NISA’s goal is to provide a platform for independent soccer clubs to compete at a professional level and create a more diverse and accessible soccer landscape in the U.S. The league currently has eight teams, with plans to expand in the future.

NISA operates with a single-table format and is planning for a promotion/relegation system, which allows for teams to move between NISA and other lower-level leagues. Overall, NISA aims to create a sustainable and competitive soccer environment while fostering a community-focused approach to the sport.

NISA Teams

The NISA league currently includes the folllowing teams::

  • Albion San Diego
  • Chattanooga FC
  • Los Angeles Force
  • Las Vegas Legends (promoted in 2024)
  • Maryland Bobcats FC
  • Michigan Stars FC
  • Flower City Union 
  • Club de Lyon FC
  • Savannah Clovers FC
  • Gold Star FC Detroit

NISA History

The NISA league was founded in 2017 and officially started its first season in 2019. The league has a unique approach to the structure of soccer leagues in the US, emphasizing independent ownership of teams and a commitment to community-based soccer.

NISA teams not only compete for championships and promotion, but also aim to create a sustainable model of professional soccer in the United States. The league provides an opportunity for players to showcase their talent, coaches to develop their skills, and fans to support their local teams.

NISA Nation Semi-Pro and Amateur Teams

NISA Nation is a semi-professional men’s soccer league in the United States. The league is below the professional leagues in the United States soccer league system and began play in 2021. NISA Nation is affiliated with the third tier professional league National Independent Soccer Association.

NISA Nation is affiliated with NISA and is currently has the following leagues:

  • Pacific League 
  • Southwest Premier League
  • Texas League
  • Northeast-Mid-Atlantic Conference
  • Northeast-Delaware River Conference
  • Northeast-Metropolitan Conference
  • Northeast-Northeast Conference

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