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USL League One

USL League One

USL League One, also known as USL-1, is a Division 3 professional men’s soccer league in the US.  After the USL Championship League was sanctioned as a Division 2 league in 2017,  the USL pushed for a Division 3 league to soon follow. In the next few months, the USL targeted cities with a population of 150,000 to one million, mostly in cities currently without a professional team.  A year later, in 2018, US Soccer sanctioned the USL League One at a Division 3 league, and its inaugural season started in 2019 with 10 teams.

In 2022, MLS created MLS Next Pro as a Division 3 level league, pitting  USL League One into a direct competition with MLS Next Pro.  Since 2022, a number of teams have already moved to the MLS Next Pro league.

See USL history for the early years.

USL League One Teams 

For the 2024 season, USL League One will feature 12 teams. Each team will play 10 to 14 regular season games before the playoffs begin in July. Visit the USL League One official website for more information.

Future Teams?

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