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United Premier Soccer League (UPSL)

United Premier Soccer League (UPSL)

The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is the largest adult amateur soccer league in the USA. It is currently designated as a 4th tier league by the USSF, and is a springboard league for aspiring players and coaches aged 22.5 on average, bridging the gap between youth and professional soccer. The league operates year-round, with Spring and Fall seasons culminating in national playoffs.

The UPSL was founded in 2011 in Santa Ana, California by Leonel Lopez, initially with 10 teams. Today, it boasts nearly 400 clubs competing nationwide, with the Premier Division for Spring 2022 featuring 255 clubs vying for 32 places in the National Playoff Bracket. The UPSL is known for its openness, inclusion, and accessibility, with players with origins in 90 different nations

UPSL clubs do not have the ability to move up to a 3rd tier but teams are eligible to compete in the U.S. Open Cup Qualifying Rounds through its affiliation with the U.S Soccer Federation. The league aims to raise standards across all levels of the sport and bring international exposure to local talent in North America.

* Note that none of the team in these clubs are currently permitted to promote to a higher level.

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