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US Soccer Leagues

The US Soccer “Pyramid” 

Below are the soccer leagues in the United States. Although it look somewhat organized, the reality is that there is currently no promotion and relegation between any of these leagues. The Divisions are solely to meet certain requirements by the US Soccer Federation.

US Men’s Professional Leagues

    • Division 1
      Major League Soccer (MLS)
      Founded in 1996

    US Men’s Semi-Professional and Amateur Leagues

      US Women’s Professional Leagues

        • Division 2
          Women’s Independent Soccer League (WISL)
          Established in 2024

        • Division 3
          Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL PRO)

          Coming in 2025

        US Women’s Amateur and Semi-Pro Leagues

          • Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) 
            Established in 1998

          • United Women’s Soccer (UWS)
            Established in 2016

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