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USL Super League

USL Super League 

On February 9, 2024, US Soccer granted the USL Super League Division 1 sanctioning.  This is the second women’s soccer league at the Division 1 level, joining the National Women’s Soccer Lrague (NWSL).

Although this puts the league in competition with the more established Division 1 women’s league, NWSL, there are some differences.  Most notably is the season calendar.  The new Super League will follow the international calendar and plans to begin in August.  In contrast, the NWSL follows the MLS model and plays a spring to fall season with the championship game in November.  

The USL Super League also has not plans to have a college draft, and instead is looking  to announce a competitive format for player.

The USL also oversees the W-League, a pre-professional league with over 40 teams in 20 states. The W-League  provides a soccer pipeline between college and professional soccer for women players.  

USL Super League president Amanda Vandervort states: ‘“This is a tremendous moment for the USL Super League and for women’s sports,” “Receiving Division One sanctioning further showcases the work that our ownership groups, our clubs, and the league are doing to create a professional environment for top-level talent to compete. This is a crucial step toward realizing our vision to be a global leader in women’s soccer on and off the field. We cannot wait to see our clubs take the field when we kick off in August 2024.”

The NWSL looked forward  to the competition and stated: “As the most competitive women’s league in the world, there are limited roster spots available in the NWSL. More opportunities to compete professionally is a good thing and we’re interested to see how a new league might contribute to the continued growth of our game.”

Following are the eight inaugural teams with plans for expansion clubs to soon follow.

USL Super League Teams 

Future Expansion Teams

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Oakland, California
  • Palm Beach, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Tucson, Arizona

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